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About Madison County

DONSMA~3Madison County is located 15 miles north of Asheville on the North Carolina/Tennessee border in the Smoky Mountains of Appalachia. There are many attractions in our 452 square mile area, of which 73 percent is forest. Nearly one fourth is public land managed by the US Forest Service.

    • Total area: 288,800 acres
    • Madison ranks number 53 in size among North Carolina’s 100 counties.

For more information please visit www.visitmadisoncounty.com

Humidity    77
Wind Speed    7.8
Rainfall    45
Snowfall    18
Clear Days    102
Partly Cloudy Days    107
Cloudy Days    156
Precipitation Days    128
Stormy Days    49
Zero Degree Days    1
Freezing Days    106
Days Over 90 Degrees    5

Monthly Average Temperatures (°F)        
Month    High    Low
Jan.    48.4    27.3
Feb.    50.6    28.2
Mar.    58.3    33.5
April    69.4    42.4
May    76.8    50.6
June    82.5    58.7
July    84.3    62.6
Aug.    83.8    61.8
Sept.    78.0    55.4
Oct.    69.1    44.5
Nov.    58.2    34.3
Dec.    49.3    28.1

Terrain is steep to gently rolling with elevations ranging from 1,250 feet to 5,152 feet. The lowest areas run along the French Broad River into Tennessee.

Mars Hill    2,325 ft.
Bald Mountain at Wolf Laurel    5,000 ft.
Marshall    1,650 ft.
Bluff Mountain    4,686 ft.
Hot Springs    1,330 ft.
Max Patch Mountain Top    4,629 ft.
Sandy Mush Bald Mountain    5,152 ft.

Average Precipitation    
December + January + February    8.85 in.
March + April + May    10.58 in.
June + July + August    9.55 in.
September + October + November    8.34 in.
Total Annual Rainfall    37.32 in.

Other News

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