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Free Labor Law Posters

Updated to include information about the Employee Classification Section

Labor law posters provided by the N.C. Department of Labor have been updated to include the required information pertaining to the N.C. Employee Fair Classification Act, which will become effective Dec. 31. The new information is included on the Wage and Hour Notice to Employees section of the labor law posters. Labor law posters are available from NCDOL FREE of charge.

The Labor law posters are printed in two sections to include the Wage and Hour Notice and the Occupational Safety and Health Notice. Both sections are now updated to include NCDOL’s new web address, www.labor.nc.gov.

Employers should be aware that some companies who sell similar workplace posters use scare tactics to sell their products, and charge employers more than $150 for the posters. NCDOL has obtained recent letters from poster companies, which include false information that employers will be fined as much as $17,000 by NCDOL for displaying out-of-date posters.

“Employers are required to display the posters, but they are not required to purchase the posters,” Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry said. “NCDOL will not fine businesses with older versions of the posters. Should you receive solicitations from companies attempting to sell posters by threatening with fines from NCDOL, just throw them in the trash and call my office for your free set.”

To determine which posters are required, or to order updated posters, visit www.labor.nc.gov or call 1-800-NC-LABOR (1-800-625-2267).

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